Wendell Ramsey

Wendell Ramsey

Environmental Services
Linen Manager

At the Thursday night fishing tournament he’s your competition. At the hospital he’s your go-to-guy for linens. He’s Wendell Ramsey.

He’s the guy in the red bass boat flying down the lake, his Shannon Medical ball cap turned around backwards. He knows black bass. And they know him. He’s caught enough of them to win a lot of fishing tournaments. But even so, he says, “The bass will humble you,” after a tough day on the lake.

Wendell started at Shannon 17 years ago in housekeeping working his way up to supervisor. He is now the EVS Linen Manager overseeing four supervisors and a staff of 167. He is also the leader of the hospital’s HazMat team. He enjoys his job because it’s fast-paced and is different every day. He thinks his team is the greatest group of people he has ever worked with.

Every day his team processes 8,000 pounds of laundry. Think of it this way. That would be 300 pairs of scrubs, 1,800 gowns, 1,500 sheets and 2,000 wash clothes. Again, that’s every day.

Wendell was born in Alice, Texas, and likes San Angelo because it feels like home. He likes Shannon because we gets to work with a group of people that are like family…as long as they aren’t going head-to-head with him in a fishing tournament.