Sara Jackson-Vance


David Vance, M.D.
Sara Jackson-Vance, M.D.

and Kermit the Appaloosa

Here’s a story about an anesthesiologist, an ER physician, and an Appaloosa named Kermit who live together on a ranch called the Dusty Trail. Sound like a tv show? It’s not, but it is a sweet tale with a happy ending.

Sara Jackson-Vance raised Kermit from a baby to age five when she sold him and entered medical school. Eight years later memories of Kermit caused her to google him and find out he was for sale. She bought her boy back sight unseen. They’ve been together ever since getting reacquainted and winning awards in several national Appaloosa shows along the way.

David Vance and Sara met in med school. David is the anesthesiologist of the family and Sara the ER physician. Sara grew up near San Angelo and wanted to return home to practice. David came with her and has grown to love the city as much as she does.

Why do these two doctors love Shannon? Both thrive in the hospital’s supportive environment that allows them to concentrate first and foremost on patient care.

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