Greg Dunham, M.D.

Greg Dunham, M.D.


To the chickens he’s Farmer Greg. To the hospital staff he’s Dr. Dunham. He’s an organic farmer and a Grade A OB/GYN at Shannon. He’s a pro at growing vegetables, and he’s even better at delivering bundles of joy.

After medical school at the University of Texas Southwestern and residency at St Joseph Hospital in Denver, Greg came to Shannon planning to stay five years. During those five years he grew to love the people and the community. So he bought some land. And he bought a tractor. And he had some kids. And he realized he loved working at a hospital that believed in him. Greg has now been at Shannon for 27 years.

Greg started out wanting to be an orthopedic surgeon but discovered he loved delivering babies. He loves the interaction with his patients. Now he is even delivering the babies of the babies he has delivered.

He also has a passion for growing things. Vegetables, chickens, and even goats. He loves the smell of the soil. He started with a small patch for vegetables, but now you can catch him at the local farmers market with organic vegetables and eggs.