David Boswell, M.D.

David Boswell, M.D.


First. Second. Third. Now into fourth. The coupe runs easily through the gears and down a quiet farm road in San Angelo. The windows are down so the driver can better enjoy the throaty sound of the V8. The car, a 1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe, is named Verny after Shannon anesthesiologist Dr. David Boswell’s grandmother. It’s the same car his father bought and restored when he was in high school. After high school the car was sold but not forgotten.

Fast forward forty years. Fond memories lead father and son to go on a treasure hunt to find their special car. After many hours searching on the internet and many emails they were able to bring Verny home. She now spends many happy weekends at car shows and taking Dr. Boswell’s children for rides.

Dr. Boswell attended Texas A&M University and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center for medical school and residency before coming to Shannon as an anesthesiologist. Originally from Houston, he likes San Angelo because of its easy going lifestyle.

He chose Shannon because of the teamwork between the physicians and staff.