Anna Heimbecker, RN

Anna Heimbecker, RN

Registered Nurse

In the kitchen she’s queen of desserts. In the office she’s your favorite nurse, Anna Heimbecker.

She makes a scrumptious apple pie, and she brings her sweet personality to her patients during their heart exams.

Anna spent her childhood in the Philippines where her parents were missionaries. She returned to the US her junior year of high school. Anna always wanted a career in healthcare and started college intending to be a physical therapist. She switched to nursing after being present at the birth of her sister’s baby. She felt like she was meant to be a nurse because of that experience.

Anna attended Angelo State University and then began her nursing career at Shannon. She likes how friendly the care teams are at Shannon and how they make sure patients come first. She loves how San Angelo feels like home.

Anna’s interest in desserts comes from baking with her mom and grandmother when she was young. She loves apple pies and cinnamon rolls, but she won’t say no to a chocolate chip cookie. She bakes now for family and friends and also shares the sweet goodness at bake sales and fund raisers.